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Parent Survey Comments – 2017

“Thank you for being SUCH a big part of encouraging my child to have confidence and grow her social skills! It’s been a priceless experience for her and our family! She loves coming to school!” – 3-Year-Old Afternoon Parent

“My son is completely ready for kindergarten — both socially and academically!  The teachers know and love my son and our whole family.  They are the most amazing, compassionate women.” – 4-Year-Old Morning Parent

“I think Trinity does a terrific job taking the time with each and every student to help them work through their weaknesses, yet acknowledge their strong points and help those shine through evener brighter.  Honestly, as a parent, I feel spoiled!  I couldn’t be happier with Trinity!” –  3-Year-Old Morning Parent

“I think the Ready Two Grow staff is incredible this year.” – Ready Two Grow Parent

“The KE program is phenomenal. We are grateful for all the teachers do to make this program run smoothly for kids, who are managing multiple transitions every day.” – Morning Kindergarten Enrichment Parent

“Trinity is a very special place and we have loved every minute of it!” – 4-Year-Old Afternoon Parent

“I specifically love walking my child into the classroom, and always have. You get to feel a part of what goes on, see other parents and see what is happening in their class (art, toys that are out, etc.). – Parent-Tot Parent

“Love the communication!…The room displays are beautiful!” – Morning Kindergarten Enrichment Parent

“Our little one loves her Trinity friends and teachers.  She feels genuinely loved by her teachers, and we have found this an incredibly nurturing place for her.” – 3-Year-Old Morning Parent

“They know him very well and are lucky enough to often see his “best” self at school!” – 4-Year-Old Afternoon Parent

“We were really impressed with the curriculum this year — it was not simply an add-on to kindergarten, but nice in-depth units on each topic.” – Afternoon Kindergarten Enrichment Parent

“Loved the learning centers.” – 4-Year-Old Morning Parent

“We are VERY impressed with the Spanish our daughter has learned this year! She also is getting so good at expressing herself.”  – 3-Year-Old Morning Parent”

“I love how involved parents and family can be at Trinity. It was a huge selling point for us.” – Ready Two Grow Parent