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I love how involved parents and families can be at Trinity.  It was a huge selling point for us.  

The teachers were absolutely amazing and the perfect mix of nurturing and leading!

I think the quality of the school is beyond wonderful. The tone and culture really make it feel like a home vs. “a program.”

The themes are perfect and my son loved each one.  He learned so much — I could not believe it.  He still talks about the various units and he plays with his pretend money and menu all the time. 

I love that the theme was kindness.  I really feel as if my child understands this and I liked to see how this has been incorporated into her every day life – how to treat others. 

I think the warmth and positive attitudes of the teachers and director really permeate the entire experience at TCNS and make it a happy one for kids. 

We were really impressed with the curriculum this year — it wasn’t simply an add-on to kindergarten, but nice in-depth units on each topic.