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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your school’s philosophy?

We believe that every child is a precious individual with a unique pattern of development.  We provide a play based, child-centered program that fosters social, emotional, intellectual and physical growth.  Through carefully planned activities and play opportunities in a structured physical environment we give children room to stretch their imaginations and abilities and try the untried.  We want children to enjoy themselves, to gain a sense of independence, and to feel secure and happy as they interact with others.

My child has food allergies.  Is that a problem?

Not at all.  Our school is peanut free and tree nut free.  If a child has a food allergy (other than nuts) the entire class will respect the allergy and not bring foods for snack with that allergen.

Do you include any academics in your program?

Yes!  We use our play based approach to teach academics. We have a vast array of games and learning activities that teach letter recognition, letter sound association,   number value, patterns, rhyming, sequencing and more. Our children enter kindergarten with a sound foundation in reading readiness and number value. In our 4-year-old program, an academic readiness specialist joins the teaching team and uses play based materials to teach academics.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes.  There is no added fee to arrange a payment plan.

What is your registration process for new families and when are applications due?

Trinity’s application is posted online and emailed out in early December.  There is a detailed timeline included with the application, but usually applications are due in early January and contracts due at the end of January.

After the application deadline, class placement is processed via a lottery.  Parents may list a first choice and a second choice for each program to help guarantee placement.  

Do children need to be toilet trained to enroll in Ready Two Grow or the 3-year-old program?

No.  We have a bathroom and diaper changing station in the classroom.

I am not available on Observation Day. Can I visit another time?

Yes!  Please contact our director, Sue Gaertner, at sue@trinitywilmette.org